Remember that life will never again be exactly the way it was before your loved
one died.

If you are expecting things to "get back to normal" after awhile, you may be
disappointed  to find that the new "normal" is not like the old "normal."

Your life will go on, but precisely because the person was important to you - it will not
be the same without him or her.

In the beginning it will seem as if your grief is running you, but in the end, you can learn
to run your grief.  When you understand what is happening to you and have some idea
of what to expect, you will feel more in control of your grief and will be in a better
position to take care of yourself, to find your own way through this loss and
to begin rebuilding your life.

It is perfectly natural to need time and space to honour your feelings, and the memory of
your loved one.  It is also normal for significant dates, holidays, or other reminders to
trigger feelings related to the loss.

It is not unusual for the painful emotions of your bereavement, to make others feel
extremely the point of feeling profoundly helpless.  Unfortunately,
this may leave you feeling isolated and lonely.

Your family and friends care about you, and are likely offer advice about what they think
is best for the grieving process. Listen to all the well meaning advice given to you but
this is your grief, it is your pain.  No-one other than you can work through your grief.  
It is incredibly important that you.....

Do what you want to do !
Do what feels right and most comfortable for you.
Life will never be same again...
Living with your loss....