The worst kind of grief is the grief you’re experiencing now. Don’t compare your grief
with anyone else’s, and know that, at this moment, your loss is the worst thing that
could happen to anyone.

Acknowledge that your loss is worthy of grief, and accept that you must endure the
very real feelings of sorrow.

Grief is a normal and natural, though often deeply painful, response to loss.
Everyone experiences loss and grief at some time.
The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be

While the agonizing pain of loss diminishes in intensity over time, it’s never gone
It is absolutely normal to feel the aftershock of loss for the rest of your life.

Grieving is like a deep wound that eventually heals and closes, but whose terrible scar
remains with you forever. From time to time, it still causes pain.

Death may have ended your loved one’s life, but it did not end your relationship.
The bond you have will continue and endure throughout your lifetime, depending
on how you take your memories and your past with you into the future
Grief - the overwhelming pain
Grief and you....
The pain of the heart is far worse than the pain of
the body. For it only takes but a short time for the
body to heal, the heart can take a lifetime.
Angela Miranda