My name is Mark R Simpson
Professionally I am a medical educator - personally I am a bereaved parent.  

On 1st February 2005 my only son Ben, decided to leave me and this world forever.  He was
a very fit, healthy, employed, madly in love 19year old.  He had no history of mental illness
and the world to live for.....

After loosing Ben, I went on a soul searching mission, I wanted to find answers about
suicide and facts about grief.  Despite years of medical education I felt naive, nothing I had
previously learned equipped me for the devastation and pain of the psychological
phenomenon called grief.

After reading many books and articles, listening to lectures by learned teachers and
counsellors, I came to realize there was one thing missing from their information, my grief,
my pain. The theoretical facts of grief, bear little resemblance to the totally overwhelming
practical grief process.

Quote: Every man can master grief but he that has it.  William Shakespeare

This site reflects my personal grief experience and knowledge, it is not intended to be your
only source of information.  I strongly recommend, you conduct your own personal
research from as many sources as practical and possible. Above all listen to your heart !!!

Grief is as individual as a fingerprint.  
There is no right or wrong way to grieve...only your way.  Its your pain....its your grief.
What makes this Grief site different....
Living with Grief
Those whom we love never truly leave us.
They are in our hearts,
our soul, our mind.
....through the eyes of a griever